Shard Summon is the primary way to obtain specific rare or legendary monsters. The Shards can be obtained in many ways. There are two broad types of shards. Specific monster shards, which only summon the monster they represent. And Universal Shards, which can summon any monster (except newly released monster), but at 10x the cost. If the specific monster is obtainable with both Specific and Universal Shards, you may use a mixture of both.

Note that while specific shards can be swapped for Universal Shards, the exchange rate is 1:1, making it a poor choice usually unless you already have the monster in question.

The cost of summoning a particular monster is divided roughly into six tiers (this may change in future updates)

  • 160 Specific Shards and/or 1600 Universal Shards
  • 160 Specific Shards, not obtainable with Universal Shards
  • 200 Specific Shards  and/or 2000 Universal Shards
  • 200 Specific Shards, not obtainable with Universal Shards
  • 300 Specific Shards, not obtainable with Universal Shards (Only Confined Hoopa so far)
  • 500 Specific Shards and/or 5000 Universal Shards

Monsters with a cost of 160/1600 are generally classed as 'rare' in Capsule Toys. 200/2000 cost are generally classed as Legendary. When a monster is summoned from Shard Summon, it's personality, Ability and Total Self Value will be random. These stats can be changed in one of two ways: Waiting until 5:00am server time each day (may require relog). Or pressing the Reset button and paying an escalating cost in Diamonds each time.