Player housing/secret base can be used to passively increase pokes experience and friendship levels over time as well as farm berries for combat or gain percent stat bonuses by placing furniture. Bases themselves give bonus stats to poke depending on the environment. Currently only Hut in the Woods is available.


5% bonus to grass skills

Leaving poke at your home to increase stats

By default players can leave 2 poke at their base to gain levels and friendship slowly over time, this is an easy way to keep both these stats the same as your player level as well as helping to level secondary poke with out dumping all of your resources into them. Players can unlock more slots by paying with gems.

Home 4

Poke passively gaining levels.


Berries are used in combat to give you a bonus to either a stat or to help deal damage to enemies and can be grown in your base. You level plots of land by growing and watering berries on them. To unlock more plots of land level the newest plot unlocked to max level and you will unlock the next one. Plots if land can only grow berries of equal or lower level.

Home 2

Example of land with berries.

Interacting with other players farms

Players can send a request to world chat for players to come to their base and water their plants for them to decrease the time it takes to grow. Players can also pick your berries when visiting your home (doesn't steal what the owner would normal get) but may have to fight a team that you can leave on defence to protect the berries.


Furniture gives stat bonuses to players teams. Furniture can be recited by paying with gems or sometimes gold in the store as well as rewards for topping up gems. This is typically viewed as an end game way of gaining stats but players that top up regularly will often receive furniture bonuses which can add a huge amount of stats.

Home 3

Example of gaining stats from furniture.

Home 6

Example of a player who tops up