What are passive skills?

Passives are key in optimising pokes.Not only can it increase power and stats but it can enhance the best parts of the poke as well as help to cover any weaknesses that poke may have.

The system uses passive cards or "esos" as well as 8 slots for the passive cards to slot into giving each poke a total of 8 passives cards or esos.

Passive 1

How do they work?

The first three slots are a 100% guarantee that the esos will go in with no risk of over lapping a current esos. After the first 3 there is a chance the next esos will unlock the next slot ie 4th or replace a current one. Players also have the option to lock up to 4 slots by paying gems. It is recommended that you lock your first slot for 100 gems and put the most rare or critical esos to your poke in that slot. Locking slots gets very expensive after the first lock. Locks can be removed and re-used on the same poke for no cost after buying.

Slot # Diamond Cost
1st Slot Lock 100 Diamonds
2nd Slot Lock 1000 Diamonds
3rd Slot Lock 2000 Diamonds
4th Slot Lock 4000 Diamonds


Esos come in 4 levels I, II, III, IV. IV being the best, not all esos have all 4 levels. So to not waste rarer or IV esos its recommended to spam I and II esos that are practically useless to unlock all 8 slots, it is easier if you have an esos locked in a slot already because there will be less slots for the esos to go into, therefor a higher chance to unlock an empty slot. Examples of less desirable level I and II Esos to spam are ones that add flat values (ie +50 Sp.Atk points) such as Special Abilty I, Thick Skin I, Sharp Claw I and Fast Legs I.

Passive 2

Now we have slot 1 locked with a good esos and 7 unlocked slots with less than desirable esos. The idea now is to put the less rare esos in such as Elemental Power IV, Iron Skin IV or Elemental Skin IV. These are more easily found than others such as Guardian Spirit, Force of Life IV, Absorb IV, Synthesis IV, Floral Healing IV, Purify so we leave these till last.


Passive 3

Jirachi is built very tanky here to complement is kit as well as provide sustain and even reduction to its typing weaknesses.

Swift as the wind IV: Speed +30% Guardian Spirit:Gives a shield that last 1 hit Ground Defence IV:20% Ground Reduced Damage Elemental Skin IV:+30% Sp.def
Healing IV:Heal 10% Hp per turn Elemental Power IV:+30% Sp.atk Force of Life IV:+30% Hp Iron Skin IV:+30% P.def
Esos are key to having an edge over your opponent, save them till you have at least 4-5 of the ones you want on your poke as it does rely on luck.
Passive bag
Tier list of esos coming in future.