The Roulette fortune wheel is an event that happens on a regular basis. One spin costs 500 diamonds and you may spin once every time a new wheel comes up. Most wheels are available for 2 days.

Click this event icon on your screen: 


If you recharge, you get more spins and by this get a chance at hitting the better rewards. One additional spin for recharging:

  • 60 diamonds
  • 120 diamonds
  • 300 diamonds
  • 500 diamonds
  • 800 diamonds
  • 1000 diamonds
  • 2000 diamonds
  • 4000 diamonds
  • 8000 diamonds

This would allow you 10 spins in total.


The different items you can win in the Roulette lottery are:

  • Diamonds
  • Strike Cards
  • Random items + Ashachu
  • (I don't remember more, please help)