Fusion is a technique mainly used to increase fusion level of poke and increase their power, how ever a second use is to "inherit" xp or friendship from other poke.

How it works

There are two ways to increase fusion levels by either consuming fusion xp cards from safari or by consuming other poke. Fusions cost more cards or poke the higher they level and is the total level is capped at 30.

Fusion 1

Example of a +0 fusion monster

Fusion 2

Using fusion card to increase level

How to use poke as fusion materials

When using poke to increase fusion level its recommend to use the highest possible evolution because it will give more friendship, xp and fusion xp.
Fusion 3

Using a level 1 Caterpie as fusion material

Fusion 4

Using Caterpies 3rd evolution Butterfree as fusion material.

Efficient Fusion Experience

A common trick to increase fusion levels is to use basic tickets in the monster myst to catch poke such as Caterpie, Muk and Azurill who can all be evolved to their highest evolution extremely cheaply with out the use of Pacifier Bells. Using this technique is an easy way to get some cheap fusion levels with out spending vit in the safari.

Fusion 5

Example of fusion level increasing as well as friendship and experience level.