Experience or xp is used to increase poke's levels and power. Increasing the level allows the poke to have higher Friendship, equip Accessories and Evolve.

Experience can be gained by using poke in adventure, leaving them in your player housing, and as well as xp cards from completing adventure or rewards from chests and safari.

Xp cards are converted into an xp pool which the player can use on poke.

Xp 2

Poke gaining friendship and xp in player housing

Xp 1

Xp pool

When participating in PVE events such as adventure and Safari, XP can be distributed two ways. If the player enters a map with their three chosen Pokemon, those poke will gain the XP automatically. If the map is auto raided using a raid ticket, the XP goes into the XP pool for later use.

Using the XP pool, the player can choose to add one level at a time or up to 10 levels at a time if the remaining XP meets the level requirements..

The max level cap is 95, but the poke will still store XP up until the bar is filled.